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James' Birth Story

On Jan 19th around 8:30am is when I had been having braxton-hicks for most of the day and for a few days before. I wanted to be checked beca...

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Passions: too many?

Today I decided that I was overanalyzing, something I do much too often, you can probably relate...

About a month ago, I was feeling compelled to blog again.  I really didn't understand if that meant I was going to get on the internet and just pour my heart out to the world, or if that meant that I was going to pick a specific topic and see how I felt about it.  As you can imagine, I spent a huge amount time thinking about "how" and "what" I should blog about.  I actually felt pretty lost.

Everyday, the thought of blogging kept returning to me and I felt a longing to just get on the computer and start saying whatever I wanted.  But then I would feel unsure, "I need to pick something more specific to blog about"... like, DIY projects or cooking creations or crafting with my kids and being a stay-at-home mom.  All of those topics are great!  I'm not against those who have specific and focused blogs, I actually visit them daily.  Where I was feeling lost, was that I can't pick just one or two things.

During this time I was going over a list of possible blog names I liked.  Nothing was fitting right.
I just had too many things I wanted to include in my blog to stick to the specific names I was coming up with.
I had the thought to look up a word for "one who has many interests".
I was thinking, there probably isn't a special word for someone who has more than one interest, it's just considered having multiple interests. But it felt so much deeper than that for me.

What I found was that there IS a word for one who has many interests. It may not be in the dictionary yet, but that is because its a fairly new concept. It is called multipoteniality.  Or, when you describe someone who has multipotentiality, you would call them a multipontenialite.

It felt so freeing!

My whole life I have felt like a gypsy in a way. I pick up a project or a new hobby and sometime later, either a few days or years, I move on to something new.  The exact term for me would be a "Sequential Multipotentialite".  This is someone who likes to focus on one thing at a time, opposed to managing multiple projects at once.

It was nice to find out that "it's ok" to blog about whatever the heck I want to.  My blog name "Let's Be Mediocre Together" came from my good friend, when she sent me a GIF with that saying on it.  I fell in love with it. She had no idea I was searching for a blog name. It was just a genuine invitation.  So, my friends, let's be mediocre together, and love it.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

So, I haven't posted in a while...but here's something I tried from Pinterest:
I have microfiber cushions on our dining room chairs. So they have gotten pretty dirty. I researched Pinterest and found a ton of pins on cleaning microfiber. I figured it would be cool to post my experience with cleaning microfiber.

Here are the "before" pictures:
 1 2  3 
Just another "before" pic of the same chairs:

What I used:
•rubbing alcohol
•blue Scotch sponges (the scrubby side)
-be sure to do a test on a inconspicuous area. Make sure your blue sponge won't turn the microfiber blue...also you will be able to see how the microfiber reacts to the rubbing alcohol just to be safe.
•I also used the "spongy" side, but I had tan colored sponges...not sure if the "spongy" side of the blue sponge would have colored the microfiber blue.
•a spray bottle
•a bristled brush (although I didn't really need this...I'll explain later)

Here's what I did:
1. Spray the chairs (or area you want) with the rubbing alcohol, I sprayed what I thought was enough...use your judgement.
2. I scrubbed with the "scrubber" side of the sponge and I did that for as long as I thought was good. Again, use your judgement. :)
3. Let the material dry, I came back every so often only because I was REALLY excited to see if this worked.
4. Now this step is based on your microfiber. My chairs didn't need this part really. Take your bristled brush to "fluff" and hard spots that the rubbing alcohol made. All my chairs needed was a rub down with my hands (or paper towel) to fluff them. There wasn't any "hard" areas.

The after pics!!:



Thursday, February 7, 2013

James' Birth Story

On Jan 19th around 8:30am is when I had been having braxton-hicks for most of the day and for a few days before. I wanted to be checked because I couldn't tell if I was having real contractions or just practice ones. So I told Ben that I was heading over to the hospital to get checked, he said that he would keep his phone close and I was okay with that cause I knew that he would need some time to relax before the big day. I went in and they said they would keep me on the monitors for about 20-30mins so I called Ben and he came right over on his Bike. It turned out that I wasn't having strong enough contractions, and I wasn't dilated enough to keep me there. So we went home and I started working on James' paperwork for getting his passport (which is a HUGE process here). 

I felt the contractions begin to hurt more around 3:00pm that same day so I began to use the contraction timer on my phone. The contractions got to be about 5 min apart and around 6:30pm I felt a pretty strong one that told me, "ITS ABOUT TIME TO GO".
I called the MSU (doctors on base) and they had me come in to be checked. 
So I started texting and emailing as many people as I could to let them know that we were most likely in labor, I went to the bedroom to get the iTouch and when I turned around I tripped on the laundry basket and fell! It was so stupid! I actually landed in the basket and did not hurt my belly at all, but I did hit my upper back on the end of the bed...I just laid there and thought, "REALLY, that just happened??" Then I waited for another contraction before getting up to find my phone. Ben had gone downstairs to take cupcake out and put a few things in the car so I was alone when I fell. But I was ok. 
Then I made sure I had my wallet, charger, and keys and we went on our way to the hospital. I was the only woman in their labor and delivery (out of 47 other women who were pregnant at the same time and due within a month of me!). So that meant that we would be able to stay and not get sent to an Italian hospital. 
They checked me and I was at a 4cm and the contractions were strong enough that I was in active labor. We had everything packed in the car so that was nice, Ben could just go right down and get everything while the doctors got me all set up with an IV. They also hooked me up to wireless monitors, I was sooo happy for that! I was able to walk around and sit on the ball, or be in whatever position I wanted to on the bed. 
I was admitted to the hospital around 7:00pm and they told me our doctor would be Dr. Vroon. At first I wasn't very happy about that because I didn't like him too much during the one appointment I had with him. But he ended up being a perfect match for our labor and delivery and our family. He came in around 8:30pm and checked my cervix, I was at a 5cm and 50% effaced, James was at a -2. 

Ben and I worked together to keep my pain under control, he was SO amazing during the whole process! We came prepared with towels and a way to heat water really fast. He would squeeze the water out and then immediately open the towel and place in right on my belly. That helped ease the pain soooo much! We got a call from Kayley and John and Kayley was able to talk me through some of my contractions. It was so helpful! She helped me keep positive thoughts in, and things like "pain" or "hurt" out. 
Around 11:00pm the doc came in again and found that I was at a 7cm, still 50% effaced and James had come down to a -1. 
I just continued to use the deep breathing Kayley said to do, the hot towels, and the thought control over the next 3-4 hours. Honestly I can barely remember those hours, I kept my eyes closed most of that time and I moved to different positions but the time went by really fast. 
At 1:00am the doc came in and I was still at a 7cm, so he broke my water.
Around 2:00am the doc came in again and I was STILL at a 7cm. So at that point I began to doubt myself. It was really difficult to keep positive thoughts in and negative ones out! I began watching the clock now instead of keeping my eyes closed, but I still tried to stay focused and positive. At 2:30am I decided that an epidural was best, I called Ben to come right next to me and I told him how I felt before voicing it to the whole room. He agreed, and said our code phrase, "you'll poop on my face if you don't get one?" HAHA and I said "yes, I will". 
We told the nurses and they got the anesthesia doctor there by 2:45! I was really impressed, and totally happy to see him. I was a little nervous about the needle, and pain, and that I could possibly be paralyzed from it, but mostly I just wanted the pain to stop and to hopefully sleep a little.  It was very painful to get the epidural, WAY more painful than the contractions, but it only lasted like 20 sec. So I really didn't care. The epidural was placed and flowing by 3:00am. It was a little weird to not feel the contractions anymore, and my legs felt so tingly and weird! I'm such a worry wart when it comes to things being "off" with my body so I kept asking the nurses if something was wrong, they assured me it was all OK and I finally drifted off to sleep. I slept for about 1.5 hours and Ben was able to sleep until about 6:00am. I woke him to just talk to me for a little because my brain was racing with the energy from the sleep I got. He had worked SO hard to keep those towels hot and coming. His hands were still all pale and raisiny looking (from his forearm to fingertips!). He told me that he was glad I got the epidural because he could tell that I was really tired too. We just enjoyed each other's company for a little and then he wanted to sleep some more. 
I asked for come Jello because I was starving and they gave me one =]

Then the next couple hours seemed to just crawl by...since I wasn't able to move. I just tried to keep busy by writing family on Facebook a little to keep everyone updated and keep me distracted, but it felt like I was never going to get to the point of pushing. 
The doctor came in to check me again at 8:00am and I was dilated to a 9cm, 70% effaced and James was at a 0 (I think). So things were moving along finally. I woke Ben up again and within the next 30min things started to get exciting. I dilated fully by 8:45am(I think) and the nurses did some pushing with me, the doc came in and got set up, along with a bunch of other nurses and techs (I didn't pay any attention to anyone other than the doc, nurse Julie, and Ben). I loved that I could have a mirror and watch James crown, I also felt his head and I was soo excited and a little nervous to meet him! I pushed until 9:34am when James arrived. =] They placed him directly on my chest and he just cried! I was so happy to hear him cry! I cried, and Ben cried, it was the best moment of my life and my whole family was crying. ;)
He stayed on my chest for about 15min(I think) and then they took him to the warmer and did his Apgar test (he scored a 9). I couldn't really see over to James but I could see Ben right there with him, when they were done measuring and all that, Ben was able to hold him and he said "Honey he is 8lbs 10oz"...I said, "WHAT??" everyone looked at me. I was so surprised he was that big! haha. He was 20.5 inches long.
Then Ben just stood there holding him, and I sobbed (a happy sob). Ben was streaming tears also. It was the moment I had been waiting for my whole life. To see my husband holding our first child in his arms. 

I have more to tell, but I wanted to get at least the biggest part of the story out for everyone. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Time to catch up.

So, we have been super busy lately. I guess that is my excuse for not writing a blog in so long....

We traveled to Venice back in February on a Saturday, and we had a great time. We spent the whole day there. Our friends, the Nelsons, planned the trip and the four of us really enjoyed each other's company. (Go to my Facebook pictures to see some fun pics of us there.)

I started working on base at the Day Care. My first day was in mid-January. I have learned so much from all the children there. I have learned to be young again also. I am so happy to be busy. Many of you know that I can't stand being lazy, so my job has kept me very busy. This week I am only working part-time and my goal is to get as much done as possible.

Many days over the past few months have been spent working, eating, sleeping. So we don't have much to tell. I spent a lot of my free time during the last few weeks (when I had any) working on our invitations to mine and Ben's sealing. If you didn't get an invite and want to come, please forgive me. Let me know that you want one and I'll send one right away. =]

Ben and I both received a calling at church; Ben is the 13 year old class teacher and I teach the 5 year olds. We both have enjoyed our callings a lot. I know that Ben is a teacher naturally. He teaches the gospel so well and I know that the children he teaches are edified and learn what they need to learn. He tells me how much he cares for them, I look up to him so much for his noble and humble example.
He has been so helpful at home. I don't have to ask him to help out. He just does what needs to get done, without a grudge about it.

Benjamin hurt his back last week but now he is finally feeling better. He said that he thinks he hurt himself while doing pushups, he was hurt right between his shoulder blades. We put Icy-Hot on it every night and he tried not to over stretch. Its crazy because as soon as his back was better (yesterday) mine started to hurt in the exact same place. I can barely turn my head back and forth and it hurts to move. I've put ice and heat on it. I think that I'm in pain because of the heels I wore to church yesterday. . . better not wear them anymore. Looks like I'll be on a hunt for some cute new flats. =]

We were given a few more things from friends who moved. One gave us a TV stand and a grill. Ben went out and grilled some hamburgers the other day, SO yummy. I love to see him cooking on the grill. We were also given an end table for our living room. It is absolutely gorgeous. It has glass and tile for the top and very intricate details for the legs.

Ben and I have had the goal to read the BOM together all the way through before we get sealed in July. We are doing well so far. The first week and a half we didn't miss one day of reading. Then last week got crazy and we missed the past 3 nights... oops.

I went through a bunch of old pictures from my childhood yesterday, its one of my projects around the house that I have been trying to complete...

Benjamin is working 12 hour shifts all week, He is really busy so I don't think that he will be able to write anything for this blog. I hope that his schedule calms down soon.

We are so grateful for all the blessings we receive. We are happy.

Friday, November 19, 2010

First Steps in Building our New HOME Together

We have moved into our apartment!! It is so wonderful to finally be getting settled into a permanent home. It has been 6 months or more that we have been in one temporary place after the next.  Actually I've moved 5 times since April 2010!! Ben has moved 4 times!!
The picture you see is from the guest bedroom window in our apartment. So beautiful! Those mountains are the Italian Alps. We plan to go explore them this winter!!

Moving in to the apartment was quite interesting...While we were in our hotel, we could see our new apartment from the window. I looked at it longingly EVERYday. So, since we were so close we decided we would walk  all our stuff (we came with just suitcases) over in a few trips. Since we arrived here (a month ago on the 21st) we acquired quite the pile; new jackets, food, and other miscellaneous “stuff”.  FMO (Furniture Management Office) was scheduled to drop off temporary furniture at our new house around 0930. We made our trips back and forth and around 0915 I realized that I better hurry my butt back over to our apartment. I arrived the same time they arrived. Phew! The policy is that you MUST be present when they get there or they leave with no mercy. But we were safe!
They gave us all the big items we would need. We received a fridge, stove, couch, dining table, washer, dryer, bed, and 4 wardrobes (SOO thankful). We get to keep the wardrobes, washer and dryer and kitchen appliances for the duration that we are here in Avaino. They also gave us transformers and a fire extinguisher that we keep the whole time we are here. European beds do not have springs. It’s like you are lying on a well padded floor, but it’s not too bad.
Our home is located right across the street from a place called the “Western House” it is an Italian restaurant, very casual but also a “sit-down” place. It’s pretty yummy. We also live kiddy-corner to the mall here. Americans don’t recognize it’s a mall because it is so tiny. It’s like the size of a medium sized apartment complex you would find in the states. Now, I’m sure you are wondering how big our apartment is. It has a grand total of 6 apartments in the complex. It is GREAT!! The homes are made of concrete too, and we have gas-powered radiators to heat our home. It is taking some getting used to!

Ben is doing well; he has been so helpful getting our home set up. He is a great protector and provider!! J When he got home the past two days from work he has been so excited to get everything out of his suitcases and put away. Then the sweet man told me he worried he doesn’t treat me the best he could!! What girl would argue with his man when he comes home and does work around the house?? I actually end up asking him if he will just relax with me for a little. (He is just like my dad and I love it). We found a great pizza place called Pulciena’s (sp). If anyone has ever had Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza, Pulciena’s is very similar. The best Pizzeria we’ve had here so far.

We do not have internet or our home phone hooked up yet…but I am able to walk to base (yes we live about a 10min walk away) to use the internet in the library.  We are going to have Thanksgiving Dinner with a few families from church. Last weekend we house-sat for a family who let us borrow their car while they were gone. They want to let us use their car again this weekend!! Then we will house sit again for a different family Thanksgiving weekend and they are going to let us borrow their car then also!! What a great blessing.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Just to get us started

Hey everybody!                                                                                    November 7, 2010

Kasie and I are enjoying much of the beauty of Italy and the wonderful blessing of working for the US Air Force.   Kasie got to go to Venice this past Friday (without me) with the senior couple that serves in the military ward and the seminary students from our ward here in Pordenone.  Pordenone is the main town nearest to base.  We got the chance to walk around in one of the shopping markets there and it was exactly what you would picture Italy as.  So beautiful and sooo dang expensive.  You might of thought of me being pretty cheap back at home, but kasie will agree that I have become even cheaper out here.  For one night at our hotel out here is 85 euro which come out to being $119.  Yeah and on the 10th it would be our 20th day in this hotel.   That’s border line $2400 freakin dollars out of my own pocket(well yes but not really)  the air force reimburses us fully but we still have to fork it out ourselves.  And that’s only one expense we have, not to mention food, transportation, or any entertainment.  I suck at trying to learn a new language.  Kasie giggles at me all the time as I’m trying to learn a new word.  I’m such a late bloomer.  And the worst part of it is is that I get board with the one I’m working on or I think I got it down and so I go onto the next word and totally forget about the one I’d worked on before.  haha kasie is so good and excited to learn Italian and catches  on pretty quick or at least a lot quicker than me. 
I get a lot of support from the people who work with me in the water and fuels shop.  They all were there to greet us as we got off the plane here in aviano.  One of them just so happens to be the ward clerk.  So finding the church wasn’t hard at all.  You could say it found us(gods looking over us).  His name is Jeremiah Case and his family is so awesome.  He’s like 35 and his wife Jen is about 2 years younger.  They have four children, two boy and two girls(boy, girl, boy, girl) and another child on the way.  So they are a great help and example for Kasie and I.  I have a sponsor who has also helped us out a ton.  She gives us, or at least arranges someone to take us to an appointment we need to get to and we always get there on time. There is so much more I would like to tell you about our adventures here. I will tell more when I have time. Love you all!


Alright so I was sitting next to Benjamin as he was writing his protion of our letter, and then he says, “hey you falling asleep? Here you write”. He hands me the computer and then is instantly distracting me. He is so sweet. AND he is annoying cause he keeps telling me what to write. GO AWAY BENJAMIN.

Ok so now that he is gone. I want to say that I am really enjoying getting used to everything. I had a great time at church today. We finally got to meet our bishop. Bishop Lasenby (lazz-en-bee). He had been out of town for our first two Sundays here. All the families have kids…actually I think we are the only ones without. But it is okay cause I get to see the great examples from all the wonderful women here.  It is a difficult job to be a mother and father and also a difficult job to be a military wife and Military member. What a blessing to have the gospel in our lives. Everyone wants to help us get started here. They all know what it is like to be in our same position.
Ben and I are participating in the ward choir and practicing for the Christmas program. We will all sing “O Holy Night”. There is a great spirit in our ward, we all can relate because of the military and the gospel so we connect really well.  Some families have had us over for dinner, which helps out so much because we don’t have much of a place to cook, or much money to cook cause it all goes to the cost of the hotel. Its crazy expensive.  I have been searching for a job and there are a few places that would be perfect. The Child Development Center seems like a very nice place and great people working there. Also there is the Outdoor Recreational Center that I am really interested in getting a job there (mostly cause we would probably be able to rent camping and snowboarding gear for cheap).  I am looking into going to school online, and that is going well so far.

I guess that is all I can think of right now. Im pretty tired. I love you all and miss you!