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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Passions: too many?

Today I decided that I was overanalyzing, something I do much too often, you can probably relate...

About a month ago, I was feeling compelled to blog again.  I really didn't understand if that meant I was going to get on the internet and just pour my heart out to the world, or if that meant that I was going to pick a specific topic and see how I felt about it.  As you can imagine, I spent a huge amount time thinking about "how" and "what" I should blog about.  I actually felt pretty lost.

Everyday, the thought of blogging kept returning to me and I felt a longing to just get on the computer and start saying whatever I wanted.  But then I would feel unsure, "I need to pick something more specific to blog about"... like, DIY projects or cooking creations or crafting with my kids and being a stay-at-home mom.  All of those topics are great!  I'm not against those who have specific and focused blogs, I actually visit them daily.  Where I was feeling lost, was that I can't pick just one or two things.

During this time I was going over a list of possible blog names I liked.  Nothing was fitting right.
I just had too many things I wanted to include in my blog to stick to the specific names I was coming up with.
I had the thought to look up a word for "one who has many interests".
I was thinking, there probably isn't a special word for someone who has more than one interest, it's just considered having multiple interests. But it felt so much deeper than that for me.

What I found was that there IS a word for one who has many interests. It may not be in the dictionary yet, but that is because its a fairly new concept. It is called multipoteniality.  Or, when you describe someone who has multipotentiality, you would call them a multipontenialite.

It felt so freeing!

My whole life I have felt like a gypsy in a way. I pick up a project or a new hobby and sometime later, either a few days or years, I move on to something new.  The exact term for me would be a "Sequential Multipotentialite".  This is someone who likes to focus on one thing at a time, opposed to managing multiple projects at once.

It was nice to find out that "it's ok" to blog about whatever the heck I want to.  My blog name "Let's Be Mediocre Together" came from my good friend, when she sent me a GIF with that saying on it.  I fell in love with it. She had no idea I was searching for a blog name. It was just a genuine invitation.  So, my friends, let's be mediocre together, and love it.

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