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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

So, I haven't posted in a while...but here's something I tried from Pinterest:
I have microfiber cushions on our dining room chairs. So they have gotten pretty dirty. I researched Pinterest and found a ton of pins on cleaning microfiber. I figured it would be cool to post my experience with cleaning microfiber.

Here are the "before" pictures:
 1 2  3 
Just another "before" pic of the same chairs:

What I used:
•rubbing alcohol
•blue Scotch sponges (the scrubby side)
-be sure to do a test on a inconspicuous area. Make sure your blue sponge won't turn the microfiber blue...also you will be able to see how the microfiber reacts to the rubbing alcohol just to be safe.
•I also used the "spongy" side, but I had tan colored sponges...not sure if the "spongy" side of the blue sponge would have colored the microfiber blue.
•a spray bottle
•a bristled brush (although I didn't really need this...I'll explain later)

Here's what I did:
1. Spray the chairs (or area you want) with the rubbing alcohol, I sprayed what I thought was enough...use your judgement.
2. I scrubbed with the "scrubber" side of the sponge and I did that for as long as I thought was good. Again, use your judgement. :)
3. Let the material dry, I came back every so often only because I was REALLY excited to see if this worked.
4. Now this step is based on your microfiber. My chairs didn't need this part really. Take your bristled brush to "fluff" and hard spots that the rubbing alcohol made. All my chairs needed was a rub down with my hands (or paper towel) to fluff them. There wasn't any "hard" areas.

The after pics!!:



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