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Monday, March 21, 2011

Time to catch up.

So, we have been super busy lately. I guess that is my excuse for not writing a blog in so long....

We traveled to Venice back in February on a Saturday, and we had a great time. We spent the whole day there. Our friends, the Nelsons, planned the trip and the four of us really enjoyed each other's company. (Go to my Facebook pictures to see some fun pics of us there.)

I started working on base at the Day Care. My first day was in mid-January. I have learned so much from all the children there. I have learned to be young again also. I am so happy to be busy. Many of you know that I can't stand being lazy, so my job has kept me very busy. This week I am only working part-time and my goal is to get as much done as possible.

Many days over the past few months have been spent working, eating, sleeping. So we don't have much to tell. I spent a lot of my free time during the last few weeks (when I had any) working on our invitations to mine and Ben's sealing. If you didn't get an invite and want to come, please forgive me. Let me know that you want one and I'll send one right away. =]

Ben and I both received a calling at church; Ben is the 13 year old class teacher and I teach the 5 year olds. We both have enjoyed our callings a lot. I know that Ben is a teacher naturally. He teaches the gospel so well and I know that the children he teaches are edified and learn what they need to learn. He tells me how much he cares for them, I look up to him so much for his noble and humble example.
He has been so helpful at home. I don't have to ask him to help out. He just does what needs to get done, without a grudge about it.

Benjamin hurt his back last week but now he is finally feeling better. He said that he thinks he hurt himself while doing pushups, he was hurt right between his shoulder blades. We put Icy-Hot on it every night and he tried not to over stretch. Its crazy because as soon as his back was better (yesterday) mine started to hurt in the exact same place. I can barely turn my head back and forth and it hurts to move. I've put ice and heat on it. I think that I'm in pain because of the heels I wore to church yesterday. . . better not wear them anymore. Looks like I'll be on a hunt for some cute new flats. =]

We were given a few more things from friends who moved. One gave us a TV stand and a grill. Ben went out and grilled some hamburgers the other day, SO yummy. I love to see him cooking on the grill. We were also given an end table for our living room. It is absolutely gorgeous. It has glass and tile for the top and very intricate details for the legs.

Ben and I have had the goal to read the BOM together all the way through before we get sealed in July. We are doing well so far. The first week and a half we didn't miss one day of reading. Then last week got crazy and we missed the past 3 nights... oops.

I went through a bunch of old pictures from my childhood yesterday, its one of my projects around the house that I have been trying to complete...

Benjamin is working 12 hour shifts all week, He is really busy so I don't think that he will be able to write anything for this blog. I hope that his schedule calms down soon.

We are so grateful for all the blessings we receive. We are happy.

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  1. It's amazing how happy I feel to read about you and Ben doing so well. I really miss you so much and you can't believe how much I am looking forward to seeing you in July!! When are you flying in? I love you guys so much and am so proud of you both and love the way you help each other out. Make sure you scan your old baby pics...we would love to see and copy them. Hope your day is a happy one!!! Love you sweet heart!! <3 yo momma